External embed contact form autofill being cached

Our wordpress site has a tawk.to external contact for button. We are using Cloudflare to cache the site but it’s also caching the autofill fields and showing these to all users.

Currently if a customer fills in the form then I go on my phone or computer so the same page where the form was filled out all the customers details are showing. How can I get Cloudflare do not cache these fields?

I’m surprised an external element is being cached, but you can use a Page Rule to bypass caching on that page. If you post the URL, we can take a look at what the problem might be.


Autofill has nothing to do with CF caching. It is a browser feature. Seems browser is confused about filling the field because of some change in your HTML code.

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I’m with @Xaq on this one. You can’t cache an auto-fill. Post the URL and we’ll double-check it.

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Heres a link to the site: https://www.cvo.co.uk

For me it’s auto filling in my name and email address as I filled in the form to test:

I have autofill turned off on all browsers and have tried Chrome, FF, IE, Edge and Safari.

Looks clean.

Maybe you have plugins or an OS level form filler involved? LastPass perhaps?

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It;s the tawk.to form im having trouble with, Its located in the bottom right of the page


That mini form does not show up for me at all. I tried a few browsers.

Strange… How about this page: https://www.cvo.co.uk/about.html

When this kind of strange things happens think of client infection with malwares is a considerable option.

That was my first thought. However there might be a setting in tawk to pre-fill fields. Maybe.

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Nope, Already checked that and everything is clean, also fields are not pre filled.

If I turn off Cloudflare i.e. development mode or hosts direct connection the form no longer shows my details and the fields are empty. This leads me to Cloudflare caching the tawk.to auto fill form as its js loaded via the plugin.

No one can see that mini form except you (with any browser on any page). Since connection is secure, we can rule out content tampering which leaves us with client problem. That was my line of reasoning.

If you force refresh cache can you see it? https://www.cvo.co.uk/firevault.html

This is a screenshot from a customer this morning who tried contacting us so it seems hit or miss if the form is showing for people but when it does it looks like this:

You right, It was there but minimized:


How to mimic autofill problem?

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