External Domain CNAME to Cloudflare Subdomain

Hello Community,

Due to some project restriction, we cannot change the NS records of the whole domain.

We can have only sub1.client.com(can set A or CNAME record), and We hope to point it to sub1.our.com.

our.com is on Cloudflare, and sub1.our.com has A record to our IP.

sub1.client.com is now set with CNAME to sub1.our.com (with DNS and HTTP proxy CDN enabled).

sub1.our.com works normally of course, however, the page on sub1.client.com now shows Error 1001 “DNS resolution error”.

Is there a solution on this case, while still keeping the orange cloud?

Please kindly advise, thank you.

You’d need at least a business plan for that


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