(External) Domain cannot be resolved by Cloudflare

To whom it may concern (Cloudflare seems to support this only w/ paid plan:(

Domain is NOT hosted at Cloudflare and and cannot resolve it so i asked [email protected] but received a reply that they only accept eMails from registered account → now they ask me for a paid plan to get support (for a problem which only happens at their servers)?
Did already purge the cache ( just in case if the responsible nameserver maybe had some problems during night which might have been synced ( or works fine) Any help greatly appreciated (No, i won’t sign up for paid plan after this;)

It’ll be difficult to help at all unless you say what the domain name is.


Thanks for your help - it turned out that the responsible nameserver had an error with DNSSEC (he insisted that everythink is OK - when i deactivated DNSSEC everything worked again) grr


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