External DNS Update Needed

Hi - My hosting provider recently changed servers for my site. They have indicated that I need to update the external DNS. Can someone please point me where I need to go to update it? I have contacted Cloudflare and haven’t heard back. I have also tried searching the web but have come up empty handed. Thanks!

Message from hosting co: You will need to contact your registrar and point your domain(s). Once this is done, please allow 4-24 hours for the information to propagate. Please postpone changes until you update the external DNS records and propagation completes.

If you are using Cloudflare for your domain, I think you do not need to change anything at your domain registar.

Just make sure, if so, if there are any changes like if the hosting provider switched to the new servers, which would mean there will be a new IP address to which you would need to point the current DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain.

Otherwise, if for example an domain of their client is pointed to their current nameservers, like using their DNS, then it would be needed to change them.

Else what I could think of, maybe yes in case if the hosting provider is some kind of a Cloudflare hosting partner, and you are using and managing your DNS and other stuff through their interface somehow, so if their nameservers (Cloudflare’s) are changing from abc.ns.cloudflare.com to def.ns.cloudflare.com (just as an example) there I believe would be needed too.

But, as far as I understood from the statement, I believe you do not have to change anything.

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