External CDN + Cloudflare setup

Hi there, I’m a newbie trying to setup Cloudflare to work in conjuntion with my CDN provider… I’ve added a CNAME to Cloudflare that reads like this:
CNAME cdnmelsamba.r.worldssl.net is an alias of 351550016.r.cdn-host.com Automatic

The thing is that I can’t see any reference to “cdnmelsambaDOTrDOTworldsslDOTnet” in my page’s code view. Only my domain “melsambaDOTcom”. So how does it work?? I must be doing something wrong.

This is the first time I use CDN and Cloudflare so I’m tottaly confused!!

Any help will be much appreciated…

PS: Sorry about the DOT but it doesn’t publish the topic as it limits links to 2.

Did you already have your site working on Cloudflare before you set up the CDN?

Cloudflare shouldn’t make a difference for page image links.


Sorry the links I’m referring to are the ones on the TOPIC PAGE I just created above. It would not let me create the topic as it limits the number of links in the description to 2.

Just adding a CNAME isn’t going to start adding CDN linked resources in your site. Your site needs some sort of CDN plugin to automatically change those image/file URLs.

Gee… ok!!
Thanks mate!

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