Extensive DDoS Attacks

Hello everyone… I visit a website regularly and they’ve been under attack for over a week and a half now. The owner has the “Under Attack” mode and yet they’re constantly under attack. The site is inoperable until the attacks stop as a form of blackmail and CloudFlare hasn’t been able to mitigate the attack for a long time, despite the host being on a paid plan.

I don’t want to mention the domain/URL as the DDoS’er is currently monitoring this community site and the host owner has been blackmailed not to get in touch with you guys to mitigate and stop the attack. I’d like to contact someone privately to look into the site themselves and look into stopping these attacks.

Anyone needing additional assistance in mitigating a DDoS attack should open a Support Ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.


That’s already been done, nothing has worked. They opened tickets with you guys which turned into maintenance and downtime for a while. At the moment, it’s difficult to get in touch because of blackmail.

We’re just the Community, and don’t work for Cloudflare. I’m not sure how opening tickets turns into maintenance and downtime. The best option at this point is to post the ticket # and someone from Cloudflare will take a look at it and contact the owner.


Were it that easy, I wouldn’t even be posting here…

Hi @bumblebubble24,

As @sdayman said, we are just a community of other Cloudflare users. There is general advice available here on mitigating DDoS attacks, however, without further info, which like you said, probably can’t be provided on a public forum, we can’t help much.

I would still suggest that you post the ticket number here for a mod to take a look at and if you believe a crime has been committed to report it to your local authorities.

Resources here include:

From support:


From other sources:


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