Extended Validation (EV) SSL

I’m on a free plan, and I want to have my business name showing in the green bar, like the name of Twitter, Inc https://twitter.com/
Other SSL providers they call it Extended Validation (EV) SSL, I can’t see it here.

What add-ons should I add?

Cloudflare doesn’t offer EV certs. Though if you’re on the Business or Enterprise plan, you can get your own EV cert and upload it to Cloudflare. Though…EV looks pretty, but doesn’t really buy you much. They’re also a lot of trouble to get. Facebook, Yahoo, and many other sites don’t bother with EV.


Thank you for your reply, you’re right, doesn’t seem to be worth it. I just heard that it’s better for SEO, but I don’t think it’s worth the hustle.

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I think anyone who claims it is better for SEO is making this up… but that’s true of most things SEO related. :smiley:


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