Extend domain years?

I want to extend my domain for 5 years because of Google trust rank. I couldn’t see where it is. Could you help me do that?

Hi @showce, currently with Cloudflare Registrar it is not possible to add more years to your registration. It auto-renews each year.

This has come up before, but I have never seen anything official to show that rankings are affected by length of domain registration. Would you be able to share your source on this just out of interest?


Hello @domjh, actually you know, no one knows Google ranking algorithm well and Google doesn’t describe how to work it. There are just rumors and some SEO tools say that length of domain registration is important. One of the success factors is length of domain according to some SEO tools. I am not SEO specialist. I am their liar too =) But if there is a little reality, more than one year buying is better than one year.

Cloudflare should support it. Now I am thinking how can I extend the domains? May I transfer domains to another company, than I extend them for 5 years, after that I again transfer the domains to Cloudflare. Come on… =)

Yes, there are all sorts of rumors around SEO! I have no idea whether this one is correct or not.

I agree, for several reasons, that it should be supported :slight_smile:


Hi @showce,

In this case, there’s actually been some statements from Google folks making it clear that, no, domain expiration time is not a factor for Google ranking.

Because domain expiration date was included in a Google patent application, among many other signals, some folks presumed this had to be a factor, but the idea behind the patent was to cover all possibilities, even ones that were never actually used:

See also:

But yes, it would be great nevertheless if Cloudflare let us renew several years ahead, as a matter of convenience and also cost management.


if the credit card is expired, some of us will lose the domain.

vs whereas we renew it 10 years in advance, still have auto renew on. i much prefer this way.

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This is a very important issue that Cloudflare shoud resolve very fast. I really feel very unsecure with my domains in Cloudflare at this moment. I am surprised there has not been an official Cloudflare anouncement regarding this very sensitive and delicate issue. I feel I am at the mercy of my credit card not failing at the time of renewal.

You are now able to add more years to your current domain names. Just click the domain name and go to its management area. You should be able to see “Add years” link.

Don’t know why it took so long to introduce this VERY basic domain management feature.

Also, I asked CloudFlare support to do a blog post about it, as it seems not many people are aware of this much wanted feature.


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