Express support for Workers

Being a developer, I really love Cloudflare Pages for hosting static apps! But, frontend apps usually need API to get dynamic data. I have existing Express apps that I would like to transfer to Workers, in addition to transferring my frontend app to Cloudflare Pages.

Is it known whether Express support will be added for Cloudflare Workers?

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It’s unlikely you’ll see specifically express on Workers due to its deep Node.js dependencies, however there are a lot of options that you’ll probably feel right at home with, and have very similar APIs to something like Express. To name just a few:

In addition, if you’re running the frontend app in Pages, you may even be able to run your backend in Pages too, using Functions:


Hi @cherryjimbo,

Thanks for the answer! :smile:

As I said, I already have APIs created with Express, so transferring them to something else would be additional work.

Can I ask you, what are the differences between Functions and Workers? I am not that familiar with Cloudflare services. I am still exploring all the options. :sweat_smile:

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Functions use Workers under the hood, but are an opinionated way to run your apps with Pages. You can deploy both your front and back end this way, and use Functions’s file-based routing for easy handling of custom API routes, static assets, etc.

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