Exposing origin IP Address



You might never know (the missing :grey:/:orange: toggle was a for sure confirmation though) :wink:


i have all orange cloud


@matteo, @matteo, I thought you were in IT, not in legal :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, it’s the same IP. You have your OVH server handle your e-mails as well?


No, im not on OVH my Webhoster is on OVH.


I think i have to make my mails on a extern website?


That IP is OVH though. So it points to an OVH server or server.

I don’t know what you want your setup, but do you currently have an e-mail address with your domain? PS: I truly advise against using a .tk domain for anything professional, get a 10$/yr .com or something.


Yes it is from OVH, but from a reseller. But the change to a another domain (for me its .de) i have to change everything.


And yes i use mail server on my webserver


Then you don’t have an option, you need to expose that IP if you really want to use your own mail server (I would advise against that as well, usually the hassle is much worse than the actual money you save. You can get a Google e-mail for 4$ per month per user, Zoho is free for up to 5 users).


Ok Zoho looks cool have i change my Nameservers?


Not that I know of, you simply have to point your MX record to them. First I would tell you to set-up an account there, transfer over everything you need (including messages, settings and, most importantly, accounts) and then switch over.


Thanks. But i need only transfer the mails. Thats all i dont have messages or anyhthing.


Do what you need to do before transferring, make sure the accounts (and mail addresses) are set-up correctly before switching or you won’t receive e-mails.


Ok im registered

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