Exposing local SSH Server via cloudflared tunnel

Hello there, I’m trying to expose an open ssh server (hosted on Windows) via cloudflared, running into error: "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host"

I don’t want client to install any tools/certificates, and the server to be globally accessible via tunnel. (I was able to expose jenkins this way over https, but ssh/tcp protocol doesn’t seem to work).

In the config.yaml file I’d change the url to : tcp://localhost:22 and also tried ssh://localhost:22, but it still shows the ssh_exchange_identification error.

Any leads will be much appreciated. Looking to procure a monthly plan for Cloudflare teams, but need to have a POC for the above use case.

Unfortunately, that’s a requirement to use the tunnel for anything other than HTTP/S.

The only other approach would be to use Cloudflare’s SSH-in-browser.

Noted, and thanks for the clarification.

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