Exposing Docker Services that do not have an IP

I’m running Traefik to allow docker services to be resolved via a subdomain locally via DNS. Therefore, a majority of services I run locally cannot be resolved via an IP address.

I am successfully running one service which is being tunnelled via Cloudflare. This one is pretty straight forward as it is on the ‘host’ network and can be resolved via its local IP and the local domain name.

  - hostname: https://example1.domain.com
    service: # This is a docker container that runs in host mode and works fine

I wish to expose a second service that can ONLY be resolved via its local domain name (service2.domain.com). How can I expose this service?

  - hostname: https://service2.domain.com
    service: ????

Within service: I have tried the below. Most don’t work and some complain about multiple redirects and fails to load.