Exposed Origin IP addresses Issue

I have has Cname to without proxy is proxied to Cname

Then I dig, I got IP of, it should be a Cloudflare IP of instead of the origin IP (

Screenshot 2023-12-24 134244

Waited a day and still this error, so it is not the cache issue. I did not point to in the past.

This is expected behaviour for CNAMEs within the zone. You have told Cloudflare you want to not be proxied (DNS only) so it is doing what you asked by returning the real IP address of the target and ignoring that fallback is proxied.

If you want to be proxied and return Cloudflare IP addresses, then set it to be proxied.


It is not proxied but should be the IP of
It seems in the same zone, it will return the origin IP when choosing not proxied.

Thank you.

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