Exposed IP address in MX record

After moving a site to Cloudflare i was presented with a warning on one of my DNS records:

This record exposes the IP address used in the A record on mail [dot] website [dot] com, which you have proxied through Cloudflare.

My A records are as follows:
website [dot] com

and a cname of www pointing to website [dot] com

all of these records are showing proxied as the proxy status, other than the MX record.

the site is on a cpanel machine with webmail as the mail service.

could someone kindly advice how to resolve this?

It’s warning you that while your server IP address is hidden by the Cloudflare proxy for HTTP traffic, the same IP address is being used by the target of your MX record.

Since Cloudflare can’t proxy email traffic and your MX record probably points to mail which is proxied, it is warning you that it is going to expose the IP address for MX queries so your email continues to work (from which people could guess that’s the IP address of your web server).

As your mail and web servers are on the same IP address, then it has to be that way so you can only ignore the warning.

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