Expose multiple services on single host in Cloudflare Tunnels

I’m using Cloudflare Tunnels to forward HTTPS traffic on TCP 443 to a host, using the name web.mydomain.com. However, the same server also provides SSH access on TCP port 22. Unfortunately, in the Cloudflare Tunnels configuration section, I can only choose one protocol per public hostname.

Question: Is there a way to set up multiple protocols, so that I can route network traffic based on the protocol being used?

I don’t want to set up two separate hostnames to access different network protocols, as suggested in this post.

Short answer: no. You must have a separate hostname for different protocols, such as your SSH.

Even when I tried setting up a different hostname, SSH connectivity simply isn’t working. It seems many other people have had the same problem with SSH connectivity through Cloudflare Tunnels.

I am running the latest 2023.3.1 version of Cloudflared on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

DNS resolves properly, but the SSH connection never gets through.

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