Exporting Certificates

I need to create a CA signed certificate for our domain that I can export to a .cer format. This is needed to add a domain to Salesforce. Can someone please tell me what I need to purchase or do to do this?

I know I need to go to the SSL/TLS section. I assume I need an Edge Certificate? Or do I need a client certificate? I am on the free plan but if I need to purchase another plan or order the advanced certificates add on that is fine but I need to ensure I can export a certificate.

Currently, I went to client certificates, did create a certificate, uploaded the CSR provided by Salesforce but I was given .PEM in text format which I cannot export or use to upload back to Salesforce. Please don’t recommend I use OpenSSL or something like either. I want to be able to export if that is possible.


The only certificates you can export on Cloudflare are Origin certificates but they only work in a proxied context. You’ll probably want a regular certificate in that case.

If you still want an Origin certificate, then you can get the issued via the SSL section as well and you’ll get the key and certificate itself. Plus the root certificate is at Managing Cloudflare Origin CA certificates – Cloudflare Help Center


Just to be clear. You state I will probably want a regular certificate which seems accurate. There is no way to export one of those certificates correct?



Depends of course what you want to export. If you just want the public part of the proxy certificate, then you can “export” that but that’s not much of an export as you can access that with any browser.

Okay my problem was using a Mac. Once I did the client certificate option and saved the .PEM text into notepad, I was able to save as a recognizable .cer and upload without issue.

No issue with CloudFlare problem was on my end.

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