Exporting an Origin Server

Trying to create and export an Origin Certificate on my MacBook Pro. I can create it OK but there is no option to save the Origin Certificate and Private Key as two separate files. I have an option to copy the key but my server requires new keys to be in the .pem format. There is no option to paste in the key info.

Looking for help…

Is this through the API, or in the Dashboard? When I generate an origin cert, I have Cloudflare generate the CSR, then I copy/paste each part (Cert and Key) to where I want them.

I am logged in and completing this via the fashboard on the Cloudflare web page

Can you please post a screenshot of the dashboard page you’re working on? Preferably highlighting the spot that’s giving you difficulty.

It looks like two separate parts to save into a file.

Are you having difficulty in creating a text file on your Mac? I use BBEdit (there’s a free version).

Thanks I’ll try doing it that way. I thought the system had an option to create the file automatically for you.

When I create the 2 files in BBEdit, do I save them as a .txt file or do I need to change that?

Since your web server expects .pem, I’ll follow that file extension name.

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