Export streaming list

Wondering if it possible to export a list of our streaming files, with their Video ID, link info, etc?

Try the API:

Thanks for that. The seems to be a limit of 1000 records. Is there a work-around that will allow us to export the whole list?

You’d have to check with Support regarding the limitation.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

As sdayman said you can use the API to get the list, you will get a Json that you need to parse or convert in the format you need (eg. CSV and then you will have title > ID)

If you have wordpress continue reading, otherwise is useless for you:

I had the same need actually because I have dozen and dozen of videos and needed to know the point of the situation and their IDs.
Luckily I have developed a WP plugin to manage Stream and Wordpress integration perfectly (with also token auth.) and I have now the ability to export everything in a CSV in few clicks:

Just by using WP CSV All export… you can pick the fields and say for example title in 1 column of the csv and ID in the other and voilà :slight_smile: