Export SSL Certificate

We’re using a Cloudflare wildcard SSL certificate and would like to integrate mediavalet.com on a sub-domain. Is it possible to export the SSL certificate for them to use on that sub-domain which is pointing to mediavalet via CNAME or do we need a separate SSL certificate for the sub-domain?

Also wondering where in the Cloudflare dashboard we would order a sub-domain certificate, don’t see anything here:

For starters, you have an insecure encryption mode. You should change that to Full Strict.

Second, what exactly do you want to export? The proxy certificate cannot be exported and is only for the proxies. If you are referring to Origin certificates, you simply add them in the dashboard and get all the necessary parts, though keep in mind, the private key will only be displayed when creating the certificate, so you should save that straight away.

As for mediavalet.com, that domain is not on Cloudflare, so Cloudflare certificates cannot be used for it.

Thanks for your response, very much appreciated. I’ll look into the Full Strict setting.

I’m actually not sure if the wildcard certificate is a proxy or origin certificate, but we decided to get a separate one only for the sub-domain.

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