Export and Import of TXT records not handling quotes in the same way

I’m trying to create a bunch of TXT records while setting up external-dns and what I’m trying to replicate is this (since I’m only allowed one “media” I’ll try to describe the original entry that is exported):

A TXT record with Content: "heritage=external-dns,external-dns/owner=default,external-dns/resource=service/dev/workshop-example"

When exporting my records, this looks like

workshop.foo.bar.	1	IN	TXT	"\"heritage=external-dns,external-dns/owner=default,external-dns/resource=service/dev/workshop-example\""

But when I try to import in the same format (but a new record of course)

sol-test.foo.bar.	1	IN	TXT	"\"heritage=external-dns,external-dns/owner=default,external-dns/resource=service/dev/workshop-sol\""

The result is not the same after importing

That is

A TXT record with Content: \"heritage=external-dns,external-dns/owner=default,external-dns/resource=service/dev/workshop-sol\"

I expected to get the same format as in the first one.

Could someone please direct me on how to import a TXT record with quotes in the Content?

The original TXT record that I exported and want to replicate when importing new ones.

I can confirm the issue. It would seem the import does not unescape the values but adds them as is.

I’d open a ticket at support.cloudflare.com/requests/new and support should forward that internally.


Thank you for confirming the issue! I’ve opened a support case now.

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If you post the ticket number here @cloonan can track it as well.

Furthermore, should you get an automated reply, make sure you respond to it, as Cloudflare tends to quickly close tickets without responses.

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Got it. Thank you, @jessica.andersson, sorry for the troubles. And, thanks for telling us about the bug.

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