Expiring zone cache using zone.purge_cache

I am trying to purge the cache for specific URLs, following your API guidelines, but the cache is not getting purged.

This is the general setup

  1. we are caching api calls on the backend using page rules (see attached screeshot)
  2. we are expiring these caches from our backend (via your API) when things change
  3. we are considering the url params as a part of the cache “?xxxxx”

Here is what we’re sending (in sudo-code):

files: [{:url=>“https://api.theapp.com/api/v1/cdn/page_rules?website_id=144&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.testdomain.com.com%2Fprivacy-policy%2F”}]

and the result I get from your API
=> {“result”=>{“id”=>"[xxxx]"}, “success”=>true, “errors”=>, “messages”=>}

But the page remains cached. The only way I can get it to expire is doing a full cache purge using the dashboard interface.


  1. What is wrong with the above code that the cache isn’t expiring?
  2. Do you support querystring params as a part of the full cache URL?
  3. What is the limit to URLs I can include in the purge_cache files array? Sometimes we’ll have to expire thousands so I realize I will need to page through them, just need to know the limit.