Expired Universal SSL will not renew

I have 2 domains with the same issue and several others that are working just fine. For these 2, the universal SSL cert is expired and did not get a new one issued. The expiration date was a couple years ago so I think it is related to integration my previous host had with Cloudflare.

I’ve read the previous reports and solutions that include disabling universal SSL, waiting a period of time and then restarting. I left it without SSL for hours and it did not work. The previous expired SSL cert still shows back up.

Other solutions I have found involve Cloudflare fixing this on the backend. Unfortunately that is not an option for me as I cannot even raise a ticket. I’ve tried removing sites from Cloudflare and adding them back but that also did not fix it. The domain registration was transferred here so I cannot even change my DNS off of Cloudflare without transferring the domain registration again. Hoping to avoid that.

Would you DM me the domains you are talking about? This sounds unusual if your domains are active on Cloudflare, Universal SSL is enabled and you have our nameservers set correctly.

@simon new users cannot initiate private messages. You can kickoff a message to @bsalus and they can reply with the details needed.

It is currently disabled and the dns records are not proxied. @bsalus you can share the name of the domains here using example dot com format if you like

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Already done :slight_smile:

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We fixed this one internally for you - because the cert had expired while pending validation some time ago, this had to be manually revived.

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