Expired SSL/TLS certificate

2 days ago, my website showed error message (Your connection is not secure. - NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID) with expired certificate. From infromation from my website I know that certificate expired 18.1.2021. I didn’t change anything in DNS domain administration. I will be happy for any helpful informations.
Website: https://sysap.trytro.eu
Screens: https://bit.ly/3qFPJcT

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The reason from what I see is that it’s your own cert that’s expired. It’s nothing to do with Cloudflare certs; you have none.

Oh, if I know I have never had my own certificate (on my servers (VPS)). How can I fix this?

In the Cloudflare Dash, make sure you’ve got both Edge & Origin certs. The Origin cert must be placed within your VPS in order to turn on Full (Strict) in the same settings.

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Thank you so much. I don’t want to be annoying, but, could you somehow help me? (with creating Origin Certificate)

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Or can I find somewhere tutorial to setup this?

Look under SSL > Origin Server within the Cloudflare dashboard and you can generate the origin certificate there to install on your server.

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