Expired SSL need to renew it or not

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Please be informed that we have a Wildcard SSL from the DNS previously now our DNS is in Cloudflare and I can see that on our account on the SSL/TLS is showing as a flexible plan, Now the SSL from the previous DNS has expired do we have to renew the SSL and load it to Cloudflare or it is working from within the Cloudflare itself

It has been expired about 3 months back no issues with our site still it loads the HTTPS without any issue.

Kindly reply to the thread if anyone can advise on the same.


Because you will have an insecure encryption mode chosen on Cloudflare.

You need to renew your server certificate and make sure it is valid and your encryption mode is “Full strict”. “Full strict” is the only secure mode.

Check out Cloudflare’s Origin certificates too, as they are often easier to maintain, though they only work in proxied contexts.

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