Expired header

After doing all configuration be it WordPress caching and cloudflare feature enable, I am still get a notification from tool.pingdom that I will need to add expired header

You can add this at your site. If you’d like more specific advice, please post the URL you’re testing.

Pingdom doesn’t show which resources have this problem, but other tests (GT Metrix, Pagespeed Insights, Lighthouse) point out a few with short expirations, mostly third party. The only ones you can do anything about are Rocket Loader and Email Obfuscation (from Scrape Shield).

I don’t think I will be disabling those features because they are essential.

Again if I may ask? Is it possible to get a descent score from gtmetrix if I upgrade to pro,because at the moment, it is between E and D

Pro really won’t help here. The biggest problem is site design:

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