Expired domain restoration

Hi, i am in some problem. My domain thestylebossdotcom was expired on 28th october. Today is 24th december. I want to renew my domain badly but can’t find any way. I don’t understand these technical issues properly. Can anybody help me? It will be a great favour.

This is 8th dec mail i got from cloudflare

Pending Deletion Notice


Please be advised that the domain thestylebossdotcom/) is now in pendingDelete status. The domain will remain in pendingDelete status for approximately 35 days before being made available for registration by the general public. The domain may still be restorable.

If you believe the deletion was done in error, please contact support for assistance…

The Cloudflare Registrar team

If the option to renew your domain name is not in the dashboard, then all you can is what it says in the email, contact support and hope it’s not too late.

Raise a registrar ticket here…

How can i contact with support?!!! As, i can’t live chat because i don’t have business account.

Click the link I gave you above, select “Cloudflare Registrar”.