Expired domain -> renewed -> goofy cloudflare

Recently I accidentally let one of my domain names, cryptosaints.com, expire.

I renewed it a couple days after it lapsed. Thankfully the registrar (domains4bitcoins) gave me an option to still renew it within 10 days of the domain name expiring.

During the expired time, they parked it on one of their parking pages and extended the domain expiry date by 10 days (I think that’s what happened).

Prior to the expiration, I had already added the cryptosaints domain to Cloudflare, had DNS nameservers for the domain already set to:
Name Server: ERIC.NS.Cloudflare.COM
Name Server: NICOLE.NS.Cloudflare.COM

When the domain registration expired, I presume Cloudflare purged it from their database.
Once I paid domains4bitcoins to renew the registration, any attempts to do a nslookup on the domain name were failing.
When I logged into Cloudflare and re-added the domain to my Cloudflare account, nslookups started working again pretty quickly.

All of that is understandable. Here’s where the Cloudflare goofiness comes in;

Notice how the From and To DNS names are the same.
Shouldn’t Cloudflare be smart enough to realize this at that moment, and avoid sending the email and such at that point?

No big deal, but this may be something that someone at Cloudflare could tackle as low-hanging fruit. As for what to do about it when the nameservers are the same in the From->To, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Thanks for everything, Cloudflare, your’re awesome and I really dig your services (and yes, the pun is always intended).

(Shameless plug: I would consider selling the domain cryptosaints.com. I haven’t had time to build anything on it yet, and likely won’t for the foreseeable future. If you’re interested, let me know)

I just realized that Cloudflare sent me a related email (that I missed);

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