Expired Certificate warning


We are receiving an expired certificate warning on all browsers and unsure what to do or why it has happened.

This is on modelco.com

We have the DNS pointed to Cloudflare


Your DNS settings for ‘www’ and ‘modelco.com’ are with grey cloud (or your whole domain is with “Cloudflare paused”) - so your domain points directly to your origin server. Your origin server has a Let’s Encrypt certificate. The currently served certificate is indeed expired. This cert was renewed somewhere (https://crt.sh/?id=1075197770 and https://crt.sh/?id=1075197998) but not applied on this HTTPS server; Perhaps it was not placed in the right place, perhaps all that is needed is a web server config reload; Anyway, that’s why there’s a certificate warning - it’s not related to Cloudflare.

Should you re-enable Cloudflare service for the domain and www subdomain, there’s a cert which is non-expired that will probably show up: https://crt.sh/?id=1039930195

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Thanks for the response Shimi.
We changed the the orange cloud and now see the site correctly. Strange this suddenly happened…


While the solution was successful, I have to tell you that your are most likely on a Flexible (or at best Full) setup. That is not really safe for the content of the site and eventual private info that are sent or may be sent due to MITM. You should really renew the certificate (or put one from Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates) to move the SSL setting to Full (Strict).

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