Experiment: Visit My Hosted Website with Apple Devices or with Windows-based, Androids

Hello all–

I’ve been told that there could be a problem with my hosted galleries’ website handling my custom domain name that is registered with Cloudflare’s DNS if visitors try to reach it with an Apple device.

So, I’d like to try an experiment to see if Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad) fail to load images from my galleries hosted on Fine Art America and Pixels using my custom domain name registered with Cloudflare. Please visit [DavidLevinPhotography.com](https://DavidLevinPhotography.com). Please let me know if it loaded images successfully in your browser or if it was sluggish or even just quit.

And if you have a Windows-based device or an Android, please visit the same site, [DavidLevinPhotography.com](https://DavidLevinPhotography.com), and tell me if it was fast loading or not, and if it was complete.

Although the organic website hosting my galleries is at [davidlevin.pixels.com](https://davidlevin.pixels.com), I need to use my chosen domain name.

Thank you very much in advance!

David Levin

Looks fine on iOS and Mac.