Experiencing very slow websites

My hosting partner is HostGator. They only have servers in USA so probably not the best choice for hosting partner as I’m located in Europe. But now I’m kind of stuck with them as changing hosting is a huge hassle…

In order to speed up the sites I use Cloudflare, but still sites are very slow. As far as I can understand it has little to do with the sites and content as they appear to be very fast when tested on an American server, but nothing seems to help speed them up to an acceptable level from here.

Has anyone experienced the same issue and found a good solution?

Hi, :grinning:
If your website is static, then

  1. Turn on tiered cache.
  2. Set a Page Rule for yoursite.com/* with Edge Cache TTL and a Cache Level with Cache Everything.

If not, then use Argo Smart Routing.

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