Experiencing some script blocking

helllo, I’ve been experiencing some external scripts that are blocked on Cloudflare’s end.
For example on some pages, of my website, I cant run the google tag manager.
But it can run on most of my pages. what could be the cause ?

Can you share any more information about what you mean when you say “blocked on Cloudflare’s end”? Do you receive any errors in your browser? Can you share your domain and/or pages where we can replicate this?

Sure can, but I must warn you it’s a dating site in France :
Actually I use some scripts from a third party and a consent manager.
This iframe is called after a click (and a JS script loading it).
And the consent management team tell me it’s Cloudflare’s blocking that’s blocking scripts by adding type=“arandomnumber-text-javascript” to the call for the script.
My guess is that they’re blocking my inline script even though I approuved the vendor.
What do you think ?
It’s happening on Chatroulette Sexe & Rencontre en Cam Aléatoire (+18)
Oh and this page doesn’t load the GTM even though it’s installed (look at the code)

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