Experiencing packet loss Tokyo AWS

I have VPN that goes over the internet from Chicago to Tokyo, this was working fine all
day today (Oct 29th) but the something happened at 5:30pm CDT and started noticing high ping times and anywhere from 50-70% packet loss. When I went onto CloudFlare’s Status system it said that Chicago was on a re-route. At about 9pm CDT the status changed from re-route to operational but I am still getting the same 50-70% packet loss which renders my connection unusable do to the packet loss. Is this being still worked on even though it says operational or why am I still getting the same packet loss?

You can’t use VPN protocols via Cloudflare unless you have an Enterprise Plan with Spectrum enabled.

Can you post a traceroute please?

Btw, Chicago is still re-routed. But that shouldn’t be an issue as you will be routed to the next closest DC, like Columbus.

hmm not letting me post

Is there a way I can send it some other way when I attempt to put the traceroute in it will not let me

error message I get is: Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.

Just copy it from your command line or terminal and paste it here. Or Upload thr screenshot directly.
Again, i don’t believe that this is a Cloudflare issue.

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you are right I check the traceroute and I don’t see any IPs belonging to cloudflare my fault
Sorry for the waste of bandwidth

No worries :slight_smile: