Experiencing 522 timeouts

Where do I get a support for this amazing service?

I’m recently experiencing 522 timeouts, but there are no issues reaching the service directly. The timeout is only while accessing via Cloudflare. I already tried to disable all firewall rules and other policies.

Any ideas where to get help with that?

May I suggest looking into below articles (if not already) due to the specified issue of 522 timeout:


There could be something, if not, either with Allowing Cloudflare IP addresses at the origin host / server, or even with SSL settings at SSL/TLS tab and SSL certificate at the origin host / server for your (sub)domain, if not the case as from above articles.

Well, I’m not using CF for the first time or something. As I said, it worked fine until 2 days back. I do had a filter to only allow traffic from / via Cloudflare, but now everything is disabled and origin works very well without Cloudflare.

And it’s not like the whole page is not loading… it’s randomly missing some resources (e.g. css, js).

Same here, our provider is scaleway on these servers, it’s randomly not accessing, we’re using load balancer on some subdomain. starting at 5h00 CEST. Scaleway is saying from our side it’s a routing issue from cloudflare, any infos ?

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Yes, mine in question is also Scaleway.

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So we cross fingers that someone at cloudflare read that, because scaleway says it’s a routing issue from cloudflare side…

Well they just responded to my ticket and I forwarded regarding your reply about routing issues. Will see.

look like there was an issue on a gateway / line in NL , a link used by scaleway and others

as there was Cloudflare servers at amsterdam, let’see now if it’s solved

It appears fixed for me.

top, thx for your return !

We had the same problem with Cloudflare and Scaleway (loadbalancer + webservers).
But right now seems fine.

Any one using the “Error Analytics” page with reports per domain about 5XX errors? For me, for some domains it said “no data”, but I see a large number of the 522 erros.

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