Expensive data guzzling Warp

In the last week the 3.0.0 (currently 19092019) iOS beta has eaten £10 of my PAYG data. Testing is one thing, but taking this much hard cash is another. I suppose I’ve just got to suck it up?

Hi @y61fu,

On Android, I have had it enabled for most of the last week, and it hasn’t eaten that much data… Have you reported it as a possible bug in the app?

Could it possibly be a miscalculation by the system, saying that used it, but actually it was other apps, but warp was securing everything?

Any @MVP iOS users out there that may have seen something similar?

cc @dane, @irtefa.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, reported the bug.

I initially thought it was a mis-reporting as all data was routed via However, running out of data and my carrier sending warning messages of unusually high usage seems to corroborate my belief it’s the app. There are huge numbers of messages in the app log with messages repeated many times (24884 lines in worker-201909220736.txt log).

PS This data was erroneously used whilst I was on WiFi!

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Maybe this is why WARP is slower than not using it? On my iPhone, anyway.

I didn’t notice it being slower; I just found it unreliable at times (no connection) especially first thing in the morning. Obviously using gigabytes of unnecessary app data should have rammed my pipe and slowed me down. But maybe this was used during idle times.