Expedite TXT Record Change

Is there a way to expedite my change to a TXT record?

DNS changes at Cloudflare typically propagate globally in under 30 seconds.

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I should’ve clarified. A DKIM record change I made with Bluehost needs to be changed in Cloudflare as well. Bluehost said to expect 24-48 hours but Cloudflare might be able to expedite it to under 8 hours. Have you heard of this?

It’s a vague description of DNS and TTLs that providers tend to use in a handwavy fashion. By default DNS records have a 5 minute TTL on Cloudflare, so your change will take up to 30 seconds (for propagation) and up to 5 minutes for compliant resolvers to purge any cached values. No expediting required (or possible). If your TXT record had a longer TTL it will be up to the TTL you’d set + up to 30 seconds for DNS propagation.

Here’s what it is:

Your TTL is 14400 which is the number of seconds the TTL is valid. Which would be 4 hours. if you are editing an existing record. If it’s net new… then again., 30 seconds.

Okay. Thank you!

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