Expecting More Spike - Can Cloudflare Help?

Hi All,

I am on shared hosting with a web host.
Already using Cloudflare on my site with “Cache Everything” page rule.
So far the load on my shared hosting seems to be reasonable, even though the daily visitor/pageviews is quite high. The Cloudflare caching helps a lot as it’s a text-based site with no dynamic/video content.

I am expecting a temporary spike on visitor count and page views for the next couple of months and wondering if Cloudflare offers anything beyond the “Cache Everything” option to handle such load?


Cache Everything is the “beyond” for offloading your server. Well…there’s “Workers”, but that gets a bit tricky to set up. Cache Everything should take the load off. The first few hits from a region will hit your server, then it’s all cached after that with no traffic to your server. If you’re truly using Cache Everything.

If you post the domain name, we can take a closer look.

Hi sdayman,

Thanks for your reply.
I am using Cache everything and although it does help with origin server’s memory management, I do sometimes find that CPU has reached closer to it’s max capacity, causing the overall site to slow down, or go offline for a short while.

This is when - say for example, 300 people are online at a given time and they are all accessing various pages - some of which may not have been cached yet by cloudflare (due to first visit).

As an alternate solution, I was thinking if Cloudflare would somehow let me configure 2 shared hosting for my domain.

e.g. if the primary shared hosting gives an error, or taking too long to load the page, Cloudflare would route the traffic to the secondary shared hosting (which would have an identical copy of the site - all static pages). Is that possible?


You can certainly add a second server to your DNS here. It will sort of Round Robin them so not everybody is hitting the same server, and if one becomes unresponsive, Cloudflare will send traffic to the other one.

If you want a full-on failover solution, you’ll have to step up to Cloudflare’s Load Balancer product.

300 visitors at once to a truly static site shouldn’t tax a basic server, but if it’s a CMS that makes database calls for every single visit, then you should find a way to locally cache all those pages.

You are right about the CMS part. It’s Wordpress.
I am using a cache plugin which I believe does help, along with the Cloudflare cache.

So… regarding the failover dns setup… how do I do that exactly?
My primary server’s DNS settings were automatically fetched by Cloudflare. I am wondering about the following:

  • Which DNS entries/records of the secondary host do I need to add to Cloudflare?
  • How/where do I add them on Cloudflare?
  • Will this setup have any effect on Google Analytics?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Any advise/tutorial on how to link a failover server on Cloudflare would be much appreciated!

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