Expanded availability of Multi-User access

With domain registrar announcement now, per domain level individual API access credentials seem more important if you want to have each transfered domain to have their own API access. Right now to do that for 200 domains, I’d need to create 200 separate Cloudflare accounts !!! :open_mouth:

Can someone please explain to me how this works? Because I can’t find the Overview for the permissions when I add a e-mail address to the Members section, or does 2FA have to be on? (Can’t do that now there is some error :frowning:)

If you are on self-serve the permissions options aren’t there. The granular roles are only available to Enterprise customers at this time.

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Makes sense, but in the future it would be nice to see those granular controls come to the paid plans.

Also, happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

What about Free and Pro Account?
As an Admin with multiple sites on CF I allow a customer to access ONLY his site.
Any update on this?

What about Free and Pro Account?
As an Admin with multiple sites on CF I allow a customer to access ONLY his site.
When will this feature be expanded to Free & Pro Accounts?

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I also would like to limit which site the added user has access to. I would pay for this. I don’t want to make a unique account for each customer (as is the current recommended method)

Please can we have this option on non paid plans? Even if we pay for the specific feature of being able to limit site access (e.g. similar to paying for load balancer option) - rather than having to have an enterprise account!

Hey @ryan

Are there any plans in the pipeline to enable free tier users to give granular access to specific accounts? Or perhaps the best option is still to create separate accounts?

I have several sites in my account and some are NFP and charity’s, who I would love to be able to grant access to their own DNS settings - without giving access to my entire account.

Thanks for the update. :+1:

The best option is still to create a separate account for each client and give yourself admin rights.


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Any updates on this please? I just joined the forums to create this thread: Read-only permissions for additional users on Pro/Business accounts

In my case the lack of multi-user permissions on Pro accounts is a real blocker for our organisation.

Yeah, me to need this.
I don’t want to give my entire access to someone who don’t know technically.


@ryan Another similar request (that I’ve asked for before)

I have many domains added in my Cloudflare account and if I add a team member it provides them access to every single domain in my account.

I want to specify the domain(s) that they get administrator access to… for example:

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Adding a me too to this thread. We use CF in front of a web application we sell, which is deployed per-customer on their own domains. Very few customers have any interest in access, but some need it for DNS management, so the ideal solution would of course be access to their own site and nothing else, whether full admin or the enterprise role DNS only. So instead, we’re stuck either saying no, or hey go open your own CF account, invite us, let us configure all the same settings, set up API access for our config management, change your name servers to the new one, and then of course ultimately they break something, API key is revoked, we don’t know which staff on our side had been invited so we can’t get in to fix things, site is down while customer tries to figure out their own CF access, so on and so forth.

Most SaaS platforms have some method of collaboration access these days where you invite third parties to specific aspects of the account.

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It is 4 years now since this was posted, but I am not seeing the ability to add users to a specific domain, how is this done?
Do I need to upgrade to a specific plan or?

This post is not related to access to a specific domain. However, it has recently been announced for early access in a closed beta (Enterprise only): https://blog.cloudflare.com/domain-scoped-roles-early-access/

oh dear, if it’s enterprise only, most of us are never going to have access to that then.