Exit traffic from Istanbul PoP is likely being censored by the government


It can be reproduced by trying to visit pastebin.com, redgifs.com or any known adult website regardless on- and off-Cloudflare from Cloudflare network.

Cloudflare had recently routed Warp traffic in Turkey to Romania and updated Istanbul PoP’s status as re-routed but today it seems they started routing back to Istanbul. When I was on Warp+, it would proxy some traffic over other colos (mostly Hungary and Bulgaria) probably thanks to Argo and I’m curious if Cloudflare can do the same for these censored traffic.

I also have a server from a local provider and its exit traffic bypasses government censorship which is only (not sure, though) meant to be for residential ISP customers.

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In normal Cloudflare PoP traffic is not controlled.
You can easily access Pastebin and other websites via Istanbul PoP
But when you use Warp, mostly warp incoming traffic is transported via cogent and outgoing traffic is change. If you use different ISP your warp outgoing traffic is with Seabone, if you use mobile network such as avea your traffic is transmitted over avea.
Example. One of the local ISP. Cloudflare warp internal IP is and route for this warp IP is Seabone.

Second ISP which is mobile provider. Source IP for cloudflare warp internal is and gateway maintained from different Company.