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I’m a novice at this. I’ve just purchased my first domain, registered it with cloudflare on their free plan with a single member account. I assume that i am the superuser. I have created two redirects with the page rule option. That option claims that i have 3 left. But the existing rules are not listed on that page. It says no data. How do i find my existing page rules to modify them

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There is no sense in us trying randomly guess at what may be wrong based on the minimal detail offered. Please provide the Community with enough information to be able to assist.

Include With Every Post

  1. The name of the domain about which you’re posting, your interest; visitor, owner, vendor, etc.
  2. Expected results & actual results? What did you expect to happen and what is actually happening?
  3. Steps you’ve taken to fix it. What CommunityTips, ExpertTips, videos, directions, instructions, and advice you’ve followed to try & fix the issue?
  4. Screen shot of the problem.
  5. Specific error message & error code/number you’re seeing.
  6. If you contact Cloudflare Customer Support, please share the ticket number, we’ll share details from your Community post with Support.

I found the information through a different path. Thanks.

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