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We are transferring our domain from DNSimple to CloudFlare. We already have custom certificates in place created from DigiCert. We are planning to go with Pro version subscription. How to add the certificates to our site? Is it possible to add certificates to only the business plan subscription?

You’ll need to keep the existing certificates. Changing to Cloudflare does not change anything here.

The only thing that you could do is replace the certificates with Cloudflare’s Origin certificates, but that’s the same thing and still needs to be maintained on your servers.

What Cloudflare will do in addition is have certificates for your domain on their proxied, but those are maintained by Cloudflare.

Correct. The only way to have Cloudflare use your custom certs on the proxy server would be on a Business or Enterprise plan, but that’s rarely necessary.

what do you mean by “You’ll need to keep the existing certificates.” ?

You said you had custom certs in place. You should keep them, as you have a good starting point.

You need to keep the certificates that you have on your server. What is it you actually want to achieve?

We want domain transfer our site hunome.com from DNSimple to CloudFLare.

So in the configuration Edge Certificates

I can’t upload the certificates which I already got from Thawte. I should buy the certificates from Clould Flare. So I will have both the certificates in our server?

So when the user click on what certificates we have, it will contain both Thawte and Cloud Flare?

where Cloud Flare certificate will be used?
where Thawte Certificates will be used ?

I opt for pro version because we are an early stage startup, can’t move immediately to Business Plan.

You don’t need to upload any certificates, Cloudflare will handle the proxy certificates themselves. You need to keep the certificates on your server and need to renew them whenever necessary. That’s all.

I’d really suggest to check out support.cloudflare.com and #tutorials.

Thank you, So our Thawte Certificates will be used when connecting to CloudFlare
And the CloudFlare certificated will be used when connect to hosting site.

The other way round. Your server certificate is used for the connection from Cloudflare, whereas the Cloudflare certificate is used by the browser.

Make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict and you are good to go.


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