Exempt subdomain from cache

We are on the Pro plan. We have a digital asset management solution with its own CDN. We have noticed that performance (particularly download performance) is extremely poor if we use our subdomain but if we go direct to the supplier’s own domain then this isn’t an issue. We’re not sure why this would be the case as no other element of our domain seems affected.

We would like to exempt this subdomain from the cache and just use the DAM’s own CDN to eliminate some peering or other CDN issue. The files in question are ProResor LOG equivalent. Uncompressed large media files massing several gigs.

Is there a method for doing this?

I tried to contact CF support but all the did was send an auto reply saying that it could take several days to reply then closed the ticket 24hrs later saying they’d replied… which they hadn’t.

Hope someone can help.

Use Cache Rules to configure the Cloudflare cache handling however you need…

You may to run that hostname as :grey: DNS Only in order to avoid potential ToS issues.

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