Excluding specific URL from WAF and Security

I’m trying to exclude specific URL from WAF. For the moment without success.

In Page Rules I have this:


Disable Security, Browser Integrity Check: Off, Web Application Firewall: Off, Security Level: Essentially Off

In WAF rules this:

(http.request.full_uri contains "*domain.com/output/ext/stores?api_token=*" and http.request.full_uri contains "*domain.com/stores_xml*" and http.request.uri.path contains "/output/*" and http.request.uri.query contains "stores_xml?api_token=" and http.request.uri.query contains "api_token=*" and http.request.uri contains "/stores_xml?api_token=*" and http.request.uri contains "/output/ext/stores?api_token=*")

The URL’s I want to exclude are (xxxxx is different for every customer):


I have to mention that I have a rule which allows only some countries, for others Managed challenge is selected.

The idea in general is bypass Cloudflare for such url’s

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