Excluding outlook from cloudlfare


Please excuse my ignorance.

I would like to try cloudflare primarily to speed up a website.

The organisation uses outlook for mail (via an internal server) and has a pile of dns records that appear after cloudflare searches for records.

I do not wish to touch these and only want to see what cloudflare does in terms of the website.

In the DNS pane, If I elect to make the clouds for the outlook / microsoft records grey, does this mean that cloudflare will bypass them completely, or will it still do something to the DNS records for these?

Thank you for your assistance.

If the DNS records are :grey: then they are just DNS, and Cloudflare will not see any of the email traffic.

(The exception is if you have a CNAME at the root of your domain, where Cloudflare will flatten the CNAME to an A, but this is not relevant to this situation.)

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Hello Michael,
Thank you for the info, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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