Excluding our interactive application from Cloudflare

We have a database-intensive interactive application that runs in a folder off our main domain website. Is there a way to exclude that folder and our application to be cached by Cloudflare if we point our website dns to Cloudflare?

You can create a page rule that bypasses cache for a specific URL or wildcard.

Eric, Thank you so much for your response. Where can I learn more about applying these wild cards?

Just have a read here:

You can literally just do it like this:

(assumed its based in a subdirectory)

Cache-Level: ByPass

On higher tier CloudFlare-Packages (Business & Enterprise) you can even bypass cache based on cookies. But if your program is located in a seperate folder/subdirectory the asterix/wildcard would be perfectly enough.

If you need help creating the rule, just explain in what folder/subdomain the batabase application is and we will help you :wink:

Thats it.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate how helpful this community has been. Again, not being very technical I just remembered something; Our application uses the MySql that comes with our WordPress account. Am I correct to assume that in addition to /MyAppDirectory I would need to also exclude the MySql directory from being cached?

Such thing does not exist.
MySQL and “WebSpace” are two completely different things.

CloudFlare works on URL-Base, please just use the /MyAppDirectory to ByPass cache and your good to go.
Also: MySQL requests are server-internally (mostly) and do not have anything to do with CloudFlare.

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Fantastic. Thank you again for your advice.

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