Excluding backend pages from Zaraz

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Can we exclude backend pages from Zaraz? Admin area, etc.
To prevent analytics counters from working in the admin panel.

I think it could be in the Page Rules settings.


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I would love to be able to exclude Zaraz on cookie presence or URL match.

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Actually reading Accessing user and system properties · Cloudflare Zaraz docs and for my use case I could just create a trigger where the {{ system.page.url.pathname }} does not contain the path and {{ system.cookies.NAME_OF_COOKIE }} contains the cookie.

For the OP, using {{ system.page.url.pathname }} in a trigger should suffice.

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Apparently I found how to block urls, ips, etc so that they are not listed in analytics.
After creating the trigger (Properties reference · Cloudflare Zaraz docs), you have to enter “Edit Third-party tools” - click on “Event Name” example “PageView” and, on "Blocking Triggers "select the triggers that we want to block (previously created).
This is at least working for me for now. I will continue testing …


In my case, i would also like to exclude any JS insertion in /amp/ pages, since 3rd party custom JS is not allowed by Google in AMP.

Is there a way to do that?

If i understand correctly, the absence of the trigger in the page will only prevent the script from being executed, but Zaraz will still insert a line of JS to read the triggers. This could also mess with AMP validation.

I think that Zaraz will always insert JS in the pages that have an orange cloud.
Although they have exceptions for the application used.

Try Page Rules → Disable Zaraz in a page rule for amp pages.


Here is the documentation article for this: Load Zaraz selectively · Cloudflare Zaraz docs :slight_smile:

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