Excluding a CNAME from DNS

I have my main website (mydomain.com) hosted on my server. I also use a platform called Thinkifc, to host online courses (Thinkific is the one hosting the platform, so this is not on my server). In order to have my own domain in Thinkific, I created a CNAME on my server (trainings.mydomain.com) and that points to Thinkific. I’ve had that configuration for 4 years, no issues.

Today I connected my website to Cloudflare and started having issues.

  • my main website (mydomain.com, which is hosted on my server) works fine
  • The other website (trainings.mydomain.com, which is not hosted on my server) does not work.

I went to Cloudflare > DNS > I realised that the CNAME “trainings” wasn’t there. Obviously it does exist on my server, but I am guessing Cloudflare didn’t recognise it for some reason.

So, I went to Cloudflare > DNS > Create new > I created a CNAME record with the following settings:
Name: trainings
Target: mydomain.thinkific.com
DNS only

I thought the “DNS only” would exclude it from Cloudflare, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

Any ideas?

Your example looks correct. Without the actual domain any answer is thing to be purely speculative. Are you able to share your domain?

Can you provide more detail on what you mean by

On an unrelated note, the domain used in your examples is a real domain that belongs to someone else. It is preferable to use the reserved domain example.com for illustrative purposes.

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