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I’ve a domain and all subdomains with Cloudflare protection.

Subdomain be.ustorage.eu have Cloudflare and it affect to users.

I want disable CloufFlare on specific URL (where with Cloudflare enabled gives issues):

I searched on Google, and appear using with Page Rules, but URL continue having Cloudflare.

Here current page rules I’ve:

How I can disable Cloudflare to that URL please?

*Remember URL to disable Cloudflare is:


That host does not seem to go via Cloudflare right now but points straight to your server. So there wouldnt be anything to remove in the first place.

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Cloudflare is a DNS based proxy. The be. subdomain is given a Cloudflare IP address when a user queries for it. There is not a way to provide a different DNS answer for a particular path as you describe. Instead you should use a different host name (e.g. uploads.ustorage.eu for that purpose) or you should build/ use an uploader which supports chunking.


Cloudflare is enabled on that host.

Is not possible disable on specific URL ?

Only host, not URL.

And no, it is not enabled for that host. It points straight to your server.

Not for this subdomain

nslookup be.ustorage.eu

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: be.ustorage.eu
Address: 185.

Oliver nailed it:

You currently do this. Keep it inactive (:grey: record)


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I decided disable Cloudflare for that subdomain.

If any hacker make DDoS to subdomain, ustorage.eu domain are under damage or Cloudflare on main domain will help protect it?

It was disabled all along.

The other hosts are still behind Cloudflare. Assuming the IP address of be. is not your main server of course.

If you go to ustorage.eu you will see Cloudflare enabled.

Can you reply with simple answer (Yes or no), and reason why it happen [if reply is yes]:
Hacker makes DDoS to be.ustorage.eu. Domain will be affected?

Yes if be is the same IP as ustorage.eu

No if be is a completely different host.

We are talking about be, not your main domain.

Does be point to the same IP address as all the others hosts?

Ok, thanks.

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