Exclude the sitemap from the cache

I followed the rules for Rank Math and Cloudflare to exclude the sitemap from the cache. But I can’t find how to add the code Schermata 2023 03 27 alle 15 12 18 — Postimages

I ran Cache Level and Bypass on the sitemap url. Schermata 2023 03 27 alle 15 13 23 — Postimages

Rank Math support said to ask you how to make the changes.

No wonder you’re having trouble. The advice shown on your screenshot is phony-baloney. It’s funny how it links to a thread in this community and a Cloudflare support page, none of which mention anywhere that you can set a regular expression in a page rule. Simply because… you can’t.

Create a Cache Rule instead (Page Rules are set to be deprecated soon.).

When incoming requests match... 
URI Path contains "sitemap"
Bypass cache

Good advice.

How can I prevent the sitemap from being cached?

How to redirect one domain to another?

I just told you how to do so in my first reply.

Please :search: this community, there are plenty of tips and tutorials on how to perform the redirection you need.

You said the rules will be deprecated. Could you please reply instead of reading deprecated stuff?

Page Rules will be deprecated (no timeline available yet). You should use instead the new Cache Rules, as I suggested in my first reply.

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