Exclude request in redirection

Hi! i need to redirect this domain fellinger.com.ar to a new domain but don’t include URL request so:

fellinger.com.ar -> https ://www.newdomain.com
www.fellinger.com.ar -> https ://www.newdomain.com
http ://www.fellinger.com.ar/index.php?secm=1 -> https ://www.newdomain.com (no request)

Created this rule but it forwards the request so https ://www.newdomain.com/index.php?secm=1 obviously fails

As you are not passing the value of the second asterisk to the redirect URL, it will always go to that domain without any path value. The configuration you currently have should perfectly match what you described.

Cool, seems that something got cached, reviewing the rule from another laptop in another network it’s working!

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