Exclude PirateShip from "Bot Fight Mode"?

Talking with PirateShip today, we determined that the reason it lost its connection with my WooCommerce site was because I had enabled Bot Fight Mode. As soon as I disabled it, the connection worked fine. PS has this support article:

I suppose this is the relevant part:

Do you have a firewall? Sometimes firewalls will block unknown User Agents
You will want to be sure to allowlist Pirate Ship’s User Agent String (“Pirate Ship WooCommerce Integration”). Your web developer can test if everything is working by running the following command: curl --verbose --user-agent “Pirate Ship WooCommerce Integration” https://www.yourwebsite.com/wp-json/wc/v1. You should then receive an HTTP response (200) and JSON result of your store configuration.

Is there a way I can keep Bot Fight Mode ON, while making some rule to allow PirateShip through? If so, how/where should I add the rule?

Thank you for your help!

No. Bot Fight Mode (free) has no configuration options except On/Off. For more granular control, you need Super Bot Fight Mode (paid plans).

Oh, so the firewall rules under security wouldn’t be of any help?